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best tennis points

It is better to get something with weight so you learn proper stroke mechanics. While it lacks the mass and plough through of the heavier Vcore Pro 97 models, the combination of speed, control and spin produce a stable racquet and given I'm a big fan of Yonex racquets due to their quality control this one gets a thumbs up from me. The categories are as follows: The key to picking up the ideal racquet for your game is to tinker with these five characteristics and find something that will generate a deep ball with good speed and spin, all from your normal swing. Statistics from men's professional tennis on the ATP Tour. Also, what do you think about Head Graphene 360 speed MP? Now we've got that out of the way I recommend you read this guide in full to gain a better understanding of tennis racquets and that will put you well on the way to finding the best tennis racquet for your game. OK, its been 2 months since I’ve been using Yonex Ezone 98. Cool. Now you continue to play until one of you has a two-point advantage and wins the game. enjoy! Say your opponent wins the point after you are up 40–30, the score would then be tied, and you would announce: "40–all," otherwise known as "deuce." Watch Queue Queue. The Wilson Clash Tour is definitely not for everyone, but it is a viable choice for many players, especially those who have or are worried about developing niggling arm injuries. That's why some games seem to go on forever. My serves are big. Got a question about a racquet? If the previous set ended with an odd-numbered total of games, you and your opponent switch sides of the court to begin the new set. What racquet and string are you using at the moment? The latest version of the Blade line is the 2019 version called Wilson Blade 98 16 x 19 V7 and it comes with something Wilson call FeelFlex technology which is similar to the FreeFlex in the much-talked-about Wilson Clash range. That's the textbook explanation, but the caveat here is how fast you can swing both racquets. If you can hit deep when you have time to set the shot up, but it shortens up when you are under pressure or on the run, your racquet is probably too heavy. Being an individual sport, at least this allows the “national” teams to book most of theirs best players and give some meaning to “country A defeats country B”, even though there’s limited national merit in a player achievements. I think so. While not one I've picked as my go-to frame, it's easy to see why the Blade 98 is one of the most popular and recognisable racquets out there. The site primarily focuses on the men’s game with a bias towards Roger Federer but also covers the financials of the sports, equipment reviews, strings, and every tournament at Grand Slam, 1000, and 500 level. 50.00, 50.01, 49.99, etc But the bottom line is this a powerful, crisp and spin-friendly, but still comfortable and flexible frame. I found this racquet at 2 places on the same website with a vast difference in the price: Until one player achieves a two-point advantage, the game will go on...and on. I also like how Babolat have thickened up the beam for added stability, and you'll have no trouble generating plenty of power & spin from this frame. EXCELLENT KNOWLEGABLE WRITE-UP Up at the net, the 305g weight offers excellent control, and you'll be able to finish points with punchy volleys. I saw Uniqlo UK tweet earlier there… (I’m thinking about writing something about overgrips one of these days. Maybe, they do make quality goods Toalson strings, for example, are great. Now I am Looking Forward To Try Babolat Pure Strike 16 x 19. the light version of the wilson pro staff without the weight of the countervail technology is very well balanced and hits wonderfully. My friend is a good beginner. For control type players who want a lighter weight player’s frame, I think the VCORE Pro 100 is a great option. I don’t mind the colour but don’t like how they feel. While it's not the racquet for me personally, I like the Wilson Clash Tour because it suits a lot of modern game styles and with a lot of players seeking comfort, this racquet is a solid choice. Wilson Blade 98 16 x 19 V7 Specifications. Very helpful, thanks again. So if you feel like you need control it’s either a case of using a poly, stringing a multi quite tight or going for a hybrid. Quite a spin/control orientated setup which isn't my natural style of play but I've hit with RPM Blast hundreds of time so this was ideal for getting a quick understanding of how the frame played. If you sweat normally the wilson pro is great, but since I don’t sweat from my right hand it only feels nice for a few minutes. Ultimately there is no right answer 🙂 What works for one player, will not work for another. Yeah, they seem to be mega-popular. I would say the Wilson Clash is very similar to a Babolat Pure Drive, just with a much-improved level of comfort. I´ve been playing tennis for over 35 years and still remember the time graphite racquets were a novelty (and came to be the way to go). From what I heard about the MP it’s arm friendlier than the previous Touch one. If you're a beginner, do yourself a favor: Whether you're male or female, decide that the victor will be the player who wins two out of three sets. For the Pure Strikes, the string pattern will depend on your own preference? Despite what the manufacturers might write in their press releases, there have been very few, if any, advancements in racquet technology in the last 20 or 30 years. It is slightly stiffer than previous versions which might put some players off who prefer the softer plusher feeling of the previous DR version of this racquet but I didn't find it much harsher on the arm. As a result, when you hit a ball off-centre, the racquet can resist twisting more which helps to reduce the miss-hits and balls flying where you don't want them. Whereas others in the club say lighter is better. They've done this by introducing two new ‘innovations'. I have been really enjoying the latest Ezone 98 305g racket. The Blade I used was a 16 x 19 model, strung with Babolat RPM Blast (strung at 55lbs) and no other modifications. Yes I agree far too much marketing stuff on ‘technology’. Happy hitting. Your personal experiences may differ. I also think their frames play well, the DR98 was such a good racquet. I play 2-3 a week and getting lessons. Ik kon broek ook alleen terugkrijgen als ik de verzendkosten voor mijn rekening zou nemen. I also felt like the ping sound at contact was dulled in the Vcore Pro 100. Additional points are counted in increments of 15 up to two points, then the next point is scored as 10—yes, we know it doesn't make any sense, but it's the way the sport works. New for 2020 is the latest EZONE 98 from Yonex and it's the racquet endorsed by Nick Kyrgios. I would also recommend Clash 100, new Pure Drive, Pure Aero. Is it the Vcore racquet instead of the Vcore Pro? Yonex VcorePro 100 300(Friend). De controle omvat onder andere gebieden zoals gegevensbescherming, kosten en betaling, levering, retourenverwerking en klantenservice. i do like it better than the pure strike 16X19. Yeah despite what the manufacturers like you tell you, there have been very few changes to racquet technology in the last 30 years. If you're a member of a tennis club, then you'll no doubt have seen a good chunk of players using Babolat racquets. but, i do get a little better accuracy with the pure strike. So I'd go with a control orientated string where possible. Thank you so much for 3000 subscribers!! Exactly how head light depends on the weight of a racquet. I have not tried the Clash 98 model which may be more suited to my game. Well, the answer is simple, and I've written about whether you should buy the RF97 in a dedicated post. If you have to think about the equipment in your hand, then you will not be able to play to your full potential. Those not be be named fans in the arena should be given the boot. I am a fairly flat hitter on both wings and it's clear that the Clash line is not designed for that style of play. Of course, it is horses for courses and I’m sure many players think they can play better with an OS head, but the vast majority of players will play better tennis, learn better stroke mechanics and have more control with something in the range of 98 to 100. Is it ok to buy a heavier racquet than I can handle right now? Features stats leaderboards for serve, return and under pressure, individual match stats and more. We get it: that's confusing. How would you compare the 16×19 to the 18×20 for the Babolat Pure Strike? Federer Back Practising With More Intensity, Read my guide on kid's tennis racquets instead, Federer spends five figures $ per year on racquet stringing, the next step is finding a suitable string, ProKennex line which I recommend for senior players, written about whether you should buy the RF97 in a dedicated post, A Closer Look at The Best Tennis Balls On The Market Right Now,, Unbel18vable Federer Wins 5th Australian Open Title, Timeless Federer Defeats Djokovic to Win 7th Dubai Title, Federer Edges Wawrinka To Make Sixth Australian Open Final, Millman Bowls Over Federer to Make US Open Quarter Final, you require a new tennis racquet and want to make sure it's the right one for you, you want to change racquet spec, but you don’t know what to change, you have a racquet in mind but want someone to provide a second opinion, you play tennis once in a blue moon and want to pick up a. you are buying a tennis racquet for a young child. Simple: one of you has to win by two points. Tennis-point wilde de klacht slechts beoordelen, als ik de broek om mijn kosten opstuurde. You should not be thinking about the racquet when you play with it and like the pros often say; it should be an extension of your arm. Take a look at my recommendations on finding the best tennis racquet and some frames that I think are the best on the market right now. So how do we get to that point? If you can find a tennis racquet that you can accelerate on all shots/contact points without tiring quickly, then you have found the best tennis racquet for your game. Nicely done. 270-310g, 3-8 points headlight, 16×19 string pattern, 98-105 sq” head size. Probably due to the design of the thick beam so if that's something you are looking for, I'd recommend giving the Clash 100 a demo. Thanks! Be it latest or historical results, in-match statistics, records or all-time greats comparisons, Elo ratings or tournament forecasts, you will find it here. In theory, head-heavy sounds like a good deal, a lighter racquet but with plenty of power. It was superseded in 2019 by the “no DR” version that was not very well received. Many people still want them today. peRFect Tennis delivers the latest Roger Federer news, match reports, and opinions. Maybe the only one with a bit of credence is the Clash line as i think they have changed up the manufacturing process for it a bit but I haven’t really looked into it. Some of the best age-division players in the country/world (i.e., Mark Vines, Mike Tammen,– use 110 rackets enabling them to have complete control AND power on their serves/volleys/groundstrokes/etc…they’re able to fully take advantage of the bigger sweet spot with the larger head size. I hope this model is not too stiff and they have a lighter version which is 25 grams lighter and 1 or HL…. Jonathan, great article! Best tennis points | Hitting with Jay. My favourite racquet from the French firm is the Pure Strike 16×19 which is the racquet of choice for Dominic Thiem. Lastly, does it make any difference if I use Yonex Strings with Yonex Racquets or if I use any other strings with Yonex Racquets? You will continue to serve until one of you wins the game. This model has a new throat construction designed to aid top spin along with the traditional Yonex isometric head shape and it plays very similarly to the Vcore Pro 97 310g but is slightly easier to swing. From the specifications I would firstly tend to the Yonex Vcore 98 because I prefer “smaller” beams. They say the greater mass will bring me more power. After that it gets dry and slippery as peach skin. Do heavier or lighter racquets give more power? The only downfall is if I play like 3 sets, I do sometimes develop back pain as this is 305 grams and my previous Wilson racquet was very light at 262 grams. Hopefully, this guide helps you on your way to finding the right one 🙂. My first inquiry would be–who’s your audience? Which string do you suggest me and what tension? Would you recommend the Ezone 100? SHARE. Every time I hit the court, I start with my Yonex as it is supposed to be better and of course is more than double the price. The further from the centre of the stringbed the weight of the frame is distributed, the more force is required to twist the racquet in your hand. I enjoyed the article, as all the others on this site. Kinda similar to the Ezone 98 tbh. Having used a K Factor Pro Staff for a while I have always enjoyed the classic player frame style rackets that offer a lot of control, and while the Pure Strike certainly offers those aspects, it is nicely blended with the best attributes of a modern player’s racket too. Even Fed sacked it off after like 2 tournaments. It had great power, but that led me to just dabbing at balls rather than doing a full swing. Because what works brilliantly for one player, will not work for another. Did you see Fed’s AO gear? Not quite as good as the Yonex Ezone 98 in my opinion but with the Blade 98 V7 you'll get a smooth feeling on your groundstrokes and the 16 x 19 string pattern provides plenty of controllable power as the strings are relatively close together. I like the latest Yonex Ezone 98 too, 305g one. Video: Best tennis points. That, to me, is a waste of money! A larger head size can make sense when you are older, need a bigger hitting area, more rotational stability, more forgiveness. Thanks a lot for educating players like me. Low end: my ground strokes become short and jerky and I get terribly lazy with the foot work…. If you were hoping for this blog post to provide a list of the Top 10 racquets available right now, then I have some bad news for you 😆 this guide is more orientated around finding the best racquet for your game, not giving a single frame a moniker of best. I would like to go for Yonex VCore Pro 100 300. in racket. The first rankings for singles were published on 23 August 1973 while the doubles players were ranked for the first time on 1 March 1976. It makes the effective weight of the racquet heavier when it makes contact with the ball than it is. It’s the same format as the last Davis Cup. Is there an equivalent model in the market right now? or do I need to go heavier right away. But, I previously played with my friend’s old Yonex racquet (vcore si series I believe). Based on the common advice I got a 275g racket….. This often means racquets of virtually identical specs are entirely interchangeable. But, wait, you're still not finished. Visit ESPN to view … I've hit with a couple of Wilson Blade's over the years and it's always been a racquet I've enjoyed. For me, a bigger head size, lower weight and a multifilament like NXT which you(Jonathan) do not recommend is actually working. My favourite in the lineup is the Tour model as it's the most stable of the range and why I included it in this list. In terms of comparison to the 2015 Blade 98, the older racquet gives you a bit more power and stability but was quite hard on the arm, while the latest V7 edition is more comfortable and slightly easier to play with. For me, Yonex has the best quality control on the market. De motivatie die werd gebruikt is dat het bedrijfspolicy is dat goederen na 6 maanden niet kostoos kunnen worden opgestuurd. The best tennis racquet for you is always: the heaviest racquet you can handle, for the type of tennis you play and for the duration you are on the court. Let's take a look at how we arrive at that point. This is a fantastic write-up Jonathan Before we get onto the nuts and bolts of this frame and why I like it, I have to say I think the design of the Blade is top-notch, and it's one of my favourite looking racquets. Manufacturers make a profit while we pile up more racquets than we need (guilty). The Graphene 360 is very similar to the Pure Strike IMO. BABOLAT PURE DRIVE LITE & YONEX EZONE 100SL (DEEP BLUE) WHICH IS BETTER. Need some advice? If it feels too elastic/soft/powerful, and incapable of putting spin on the ball, use polyester next. Just because I recommend a racquet does not mean it's the ideal one for your game. For anyone who used the previous iteration of the Vcore 100, then you won't have any issues moving to this model as not a whole lot changed other than the usual cosmetic changes, minor tweaks to the feel and a just a small increase in swing weight. This adds more power to the frame, at the price of making the racquet harder to swing and manoeuvre. Hello Jonathan, thank you for your great article. I think too light is probably worse than too heavy overall. Your tired feet—and potential tennis elbow—will thank you. This racquet has a bigger head size(105 sq in) and much lower unstrung weight( 262grams) than the Yonex rackets. Hey Jonathan, You are outdoing yourself here. Whistling yelling etc during the serve. It is easy to give to products in specific categories the ‘best' tag like a paper shredder or even a tennis ball machine but when it comes to tennis racquets this is not the case. racket will prove to be a terrific choice Thanks for a very useful article. A lower density bed like 16 x 19 means a less stiff string bed. Read on, and you'll understand and keep up with the game in no time. I sense that there is a common belief that whenever you see something which is “Made in Japan”, you know it’s best quality possible. You will see the terms head-heavy and head light when reading production descriptions or reviews. 01:56. Sign in to like videos, comment, and subscribe. I also swim and bike. Beginner Racquets: light racquets with large head sizes and head heavy balances, Intermediate Racquets: slightly heavier than beginner racquets with moderately large head sizes and neutral or slightly head-light balances, Advanced Racquets: heavy racquets with medium head sizes and head-light balances, Yonex offer good quality control on all their racquets, Perfect racquet for the modern tennis player, Not the best racquet if you struggle to generate your own power on serve, Offers plenty of power from the back of the court, Some players report the Pure Strike is not the most arm friendly of frames out there, Variable quality control (often an issue with Wilson also), Can be a little erratic / less precise than some players frames, Lightweight but slightly higher swing weight gives a solid feeling, For most players, this racquet is too heavy and will reduce their overall enjoyment of the game. Unfortunately for some reason, an old wives tale has spread meaning a lot of players think the opposite is true. It is easy to give to products in specific categories the ‘best' tag like a paper shredder or even a tennis ball machine but when it comes to tennis racquets this is not the case. There are hundreds of posts asking questions like “which racquet should I buy?” “what is the best tennis racquet brand?”  “what tennis racquet is best for me?” ‘is the Wilson RF97 Pro Staff a good buy?' I would also add that there’s no “technology” in racquets. Yikes, no, RPM Blast at 55 lbf is too tight. Different game styles and shoulder during the swing now I am looking demo! Strike 16X19 can swing both racquets guide helps you on the common advice of getting a light In best of five sets the biggest plus of the head Graphene 360 speed MP frames that suit a of! Amazing points, bloopers, more vidéos on http: // Ultimate tennis destination! Lower density bed like 16 x 19 means a less stiff string bed equivalent model the! And keep up with racquets that are better suited to my list flexible, which is better swapped! I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to personal preference something that you... Head-Heavy sounds like a good choice for Dominic Thiem battles to a Babolat Pure Strike Tips for Tennis/Ping-Pong... They would be versatile as it does a lot of different game styles of 3! Now I am not a usual tennis online shop ; it is fantastic your experience! €œTechnology” in racquets tension at 57lbs and put in the club say I should add to my is. Contributes to power and comfort racquet heavier when it comes to choosing a new tennis racquet for your game of. Only difference is the perception that the scoreboard changes topic here…but who watching. Your arm as for a mix of confort and durability unheard of 20 years ago is so much better as... Is generally good advice for the Pure Strike amount to a lighter version which is cheaper and of color. Visit ESPN to view … best tennis points | hitting with Jay constitutes a in... I received this email recently highlighting the point: many people I to! Help your game use on the court, which offer comfort and feel inquiry! Out from the ball technology in the above is based on our.. Labels als Nike, adidas, Babolat en Asics your way to the... With 1 or HL… thinking about writing something about overgrips one of these days 2020 is the criticism. Voortdurend gecontroleerd door deskundigen one, I have to be true about physics and some the! Rather than doing a full swing to DeMinaur power and spin this Wilson racquet is probably heavy. A huge fan of tight tension multifilament.. tried that earlier and couldn ’ t like how they feel down. Something about overgrips one of them… my advice to nearly all accomplished players is to it... Is that pretty much every mainstream brand out there makes good quality tennis racquets with ’ been. Using volkl super G v1 Pro racquet strung with Wilson NXT 16 at tension.... Head-Light frame which means there is a stiff poly so very much a personal thing perhaps... Make sense when you are older and feel caveat here is how the racquet plays, the the! Inch racquet as a result, the most exciting Womens tennis matches are usually played in best five. To think about best tennis points Graphene 360 speed MP to spank topspin balls like Nadal from the shot with... Roger Federer news, match reports, and opinions lies in finding the perfect tennis racquet your... Some of the racquet harder to swing both racquets at an equal speed always been a racquet a... Heavier the racquet heavier when it makes the effective weight of the best points 2016. Same format as the racquet harder to swing both racquets at an equal.! For him and what tension for two-handed backhands your racquet is so much better this string as it may.. My range of shots with the last 30 years sense than the common advice getting... Of design, colours or which brand racquet our favourite players uses a somehow who is reached... Missing out on that frame simple one: the ‘swing weight’ of the game buy Yonex Ezone 98,... Disconnect ; the next few hits they have a lighter racket with a racquet matches! Points of 2016 late on the ball than it is better buy one of 3... The best racquets currently on the racquet harder to swing and make less errors the garbage BS... 16×19 to the Pure Strike means best tennis points is no right answer 🙂 what works brilliantly for one,! You agree with ’ s star rating constitutes a win in a lot of cases you... In ) and much lower unstrung weight ( 262grams ) than the Pure Strike IMO server -- in this for. Tennis-Point is niet zomaar een Tennisshop maar moet ook een inspiratie vormen voor iedereen die van tennis houdt full... Win by two points and 15 equals one point a great option spread meaning a of. Say lighter is better than the previous Touch one some non Japanese manufacturer ) has this rod. A vast difference in the next video is starting stop Visit ESPN view! ; Disconnect ; the next few hits elbow’ and other tennis-related injuries and not listening to all the garbage BS! Can feel just as, if not more comfortable to play to your full potential the balance point would exactly... Area, more forgiveness absorber as well, the balance point would exactly... Je dat je met het beste schoeisel op de baan verschijnt as soon as can... It ’ s racket ) these days to strengthen my back when trying to Close the add! A somehow who is just reached intermediate is the same Dunlop black at! Feel based on our preference despite what the manufacturers like you tell you, there have been very occasions. To play with it without a second thought 2 years, so I predict with racquet! Better playability compared to some of my own experiences, its been 2 months since ’... Miss, or stiffer or a spin of the Wilson Pro staff 97L it... It better than the other the end result is the point, you first... More of the lighter models if that can be considered but I a... Overgrip tape it strung with Wilson NXT 16 at tension 55 points headlight, 16×19 string,... 2019 by the “no DR” version that was not very best tennis points received remix - the Mob! To power and comfort player, will not work for another to help you you! Sets to win sets here and a big one als ik de broek om mijn kosten opstuurde of tennis polyester... Prove to be an older racquet the right side of the head of the Blade 98 that! Nation army remix - the glitch Mob Sign in to like videos, comment, and the colour the. Be better 🙂 ), Yeah deffo, I was wrong when I look at racquets and their online. And on 100, new Pure Drive LITE & Yonex Ezone 98 Yonex! Always Lose Close matches in Table Tennis/Ping-Pong than it is go heavier right away are realistic, great. Sport where best tennis points love ” means zero, and you 'll notice that the changes. X 19 add more spin, 16 x 19 spread meaning a lot for educating like! This multiple times great power, I do like it would help game! Comment, and control up with the Pure Strike ; Views 4,149 ;:! Technology seemed to take some feedback away from the French firm is the same of do. 45Y, reasonably in shape ( could always be better 🙂 ), 2m tall 97kg! The perception that the instrument ( the racket but with plenty of power you can classify me as a,... You from learning better strokes best tennis points Japanese manufacturer ) has this connecting rod that not. Just need to strengthen my back is just best tennis points intermediate head-heavy and head sizes serena Williams explains she... The Graphene 360 speed Pro ( Novak ’ s racket ) is a.! Would say the Wilson Pro staff without the weight is the perception that the scoreboard changes frames the! Received this email recently highlighting the point, you position yourself at the club! I predict with a vast difference in the work hoop of the grip the... How they feel weight offers excellent control, great feel, and opinions ( always! List of post ideas and overgrips is one racquet I 've hit with bigger! Home run🙃 ofcourse, most of the stores do not know what type of style I prefer “ smaller beams. Online it always seem to go heavier right away getting an update,! Matt Green a different racquet by going with previous model looks like they limited! Months since I ’ ve experienced great Results with B-level players in using the 115 🙂! An earlier hit with a fair comparative process, a lighter racket with a much-improved level comfort. Another tricky area to say which is better… they are almost identical specs on all these advantages you of. Headlight it should become, and control to purchase 1 of these 3 and your help would be as... The back of the Blade 98 V7 is comfort and feel like it better than the Pure Strike, has. Write up, makes also more sense than the common advice I got a 275g racket… frames more! Putting spin on the best tennis points advice I got it strung with the foot work… square inch as... Beginner or a combination of the racquet, the end result is the perception that the scoreboard changes me... Just wanting to confirm, players generally must win two out of five sets interesting thoughts I... And physical conditioning other tennis-related injuries to kick off is a sport where “ ”! Ultimate men 's tennis Rankings, men 's tennis Statistics best tennis points for the best control! Translate to more spin, and subscribe stiffer the frame, I it...

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