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friday the 13th cast 2010

She is one of the camp counselors hired by Steve Christy to reopen and work at Camp Crystal Lake. Tsunaron later upgrades Kay-Em into a combat android complete with an array of weapons and new combat skills to take on Jason. Jason punches through her bathroom door, grabs her by the hair and hurls her into her mirror. As Jason kills Mike while he is changing a tire on his jeep, Sally manages to flee from him and reach the camp, where she finds the others and tells them what has happened. Creighton tells Steven that Jason will be looking for Jessica because; if he manages to possess her he can recreate his body. They make up and head out to the van where while in the middle of having sex, begin to hear noises outside the van, as well as it shaking here and there. A well-known scientist working for the government, Dr. Stein is strict and has little regard for human life, traits which have caused some of her employees to privately refer to her as "Dr. Bitchenstein". As she starts to relax, a machete bursts through the top of Chelsea's head, killing her. [3], Ginny appears briefly in Friday the 13th Part III, using footage from Friday the 13th Part 2. ... Jenna. [3] Crazy Ralph appears in archive footage in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter. Before Lori can attack him again, Jason kills her by splitting her head open with his machete, and proceeds to take her body and Will's to his shack in the woods. The end of the film reveals that a character shown earlier as a paramedic, Roy, was using the hockey mask and boiler suit to imitate Jason in order to carry out his revenge-driven killing spree. He and Tina sneak into the woods and have sex. Steve Christy appears in Friday the 13th and is played by Peter Brouwer. Jeff Katz and James Kuhoric (w), Jason Craig (p). After Shelly destroys their bikes, Fox reluctantly joins the others in stealing gas from Chris's van. While in the midst of feeding her child, the woman is found by a trio of fur trappers, who break into her house seeking shelter from the blizzard. Steven escapes from jail and tries to warn Jessica of the danger she and their daughter are in, but she does not believe his story. Amanda Righetti. He appeared in three films played by three different actors. On Rick's suggestion he and Chris return to Higgins Haven to find it empty in disarray with no one around. He says, "Both films are about heroines who take on special powers which they use to fight the monster. While searching for a host body, Jason tries to transfer his soul into Jessica's baby, Stephanie, but later claims Diana's instead. Rennie then remembers that McCulloch was responsible for her fear of the water, by forcing her into Camp Crystal Lake to learn how to swim. Having escaped the Thawns while Jason attacks Norwood and murders Penelope, Halo makes her way to the Phoenix Heights Hotel, a comment of Norwood's having led her to believe that her sister has been murdered. Rick's body is later thrown through a window that Chris is walking past. [85], Patricia "Trish" Jarvis[86] is a character in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, played by Kimberly Beck. Tina is a promiscuous teenager who is always with her boyfriend Eddie, often getting in trouble with the police and having to be returned to Pinehurst Halfway House. Fleeing from Jason, Lori is injured by him with a metal rod. He is never seen again. Tommy is apprehended and placed in the police station's jail cell. George Winter is a character in Friday the 13th: A New Beginning, played by Vernon Washington. However, before the process is complete, Jason breaches the containment with his machete and stabs Rowan in the abdomen, critically wounding her just as cryonics fluid spills into the room and freezes her along with him. Selene, however, manages to escape safely. With his last breaths, Joseph continues his rant to Ethan about how the surrounding land is cursed before dying. Apparently, Miles was meant to have a bigger role in the original draft including dialogue and referencing that he is an Olympic diver. As Jason readies himself to kill her, Diane begins to beg for her life and ask why he is doing this, before falling into a rant about how she should not have come here and how it's "a bad place". Norwood Thawn is a character in the novel Friday the 13th: Hate-Kill-Repeat. Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Samantha Jo Aramburu. George is not seen again until his dead body is thrown through a window, his eyes gouged out. By the time Ginny awakens, Paul has vanished and she gets no response as she calls for him while being placed in an ambulance. There is a general belief that Elias is quite aware of what Jason is. Despite her injury, Lori manages to get the upper hand against Jason, finding a handheld circular saw and attacking him with it. A storm breaks and Jack and Marcie take refuge in an old cabin and have sex. Ethel hears his bike stop and tells him to come in, getting no response she begins to insult him. He is nearly killed before Ginny slices Jason's shoulder with a machete, killing him. They make their way to New York on the life raft where Rennie is kidnapped by a pair of punks, and McCulloch advises they split up to find help. While on the Costa Rican island where Extreme Elimination 2 is set, Butch befriends fellow contestants Alexandra Coyle and Valkyrie Randall and together, the trio escape the island with a group of soldiers after a zombie plague spread by Jason Voorhees, a "special guest" on Extreme Elimination 2 who, after being exposed to an artificial virus, begins to emit a reanimating plague that causes his victims to come back as the undead. However, Jason is resurrected by the malfunctioning medical station into a more powerful cyborg called Uber Jason. Raymond is a vagrant living in the area. [33] In the Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash: The Nightmare Warriors comic miniseries, Tina appears under the care of doctors Maggie Burroughs and Neil Gordon, one of the first recruited to their group of those who have survived Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger. Centuries later, in the year 2008, Diane Cavanaugh, while fleeing from Jason Voorhees, unknowingly passes the tree accidentally shot by Ethan, which still has the bullet lodged in it; she also trips on the very rock used to kill him.[42]. In the carnival funhouse, both Maxi and Selene are attacked by Mitch, and, as he tries to kill Selene with a guillotine, Maxi, using a decorative axe, kills Mitch by striking him in the head with it. Her boyfriend is Ben and early on it is shown that there is some tension between them after David slips up and reveals something unbeknownst to Kate, which Ben quickly tries to cover. When Jason (who has possessed a local deputy) arrives at the Voorhees house, he finds and possesses Diana's body, which had earlier been moved to the house by Robert Campbell. He puts him down with a shotgun shot and unloads bullets into Jason to no effect, Garris runs and hides in the bushes, he hears Megan shout for him and Jason turns to head towards her, Garris shouts "No not her!" Her daughter's current boyfriend, American Casefiles host Robert Campbell, later steals her body from the morgue and places it in the Voorhees house to have it found by the police to spice up his shows ratings, only for Jason to transfer his soul from Josh's body to Roberts. He grabs her around the neck, hoists her into the air and throttles the life from her. While having sex with Deborah, a Jason-possessed Phil impales them both with a pole. After a brief chase, the unknown driver of the car finds Annie and slits her throat. He is the brother of Friday the 13th Part II victim Sandra Dier. Despite losing her laptop and being attacked by FBI agents and Jason when he briefly revives, Alice manages to reach a computer and successfully sells Jason to a shock rocker named Ross Feratu for five million dollars. "[28], Melda is a character in the two-issue comic miniseries Friday the 13th: Jason vs. Jason X by Avatar Press. She is first seen aboard the SS Lazarus, playing her guitar while being filmed by her young friend, aspiring film school student, Wayne. Friday the 13th Theatrical release poster Directed byMarcus Nispel Produced by Sean S. Cunningham Michael Bay Andrew Form Brad Fuller Screenplay byDamian Shannon Mark Swift Story by Damian Shannon Mark Swift Mark Wheaton Based onCharacters by Victor Miller Starring Jared Padalecki Danielle Panabaker Aaron Yoo Amanda Righetti Travis Van Winkle Derek Mears Music bySteve Jablonsky CinematographyDaniel C… An operative for a government black ops group simply referred to as The Agency, Walter, after two of his fellow operatives are killed in a raid at a meth lab (in which Walter receives an injury to his eye after being struck with a nail-studded baseball bat) is demoted by his superiors. [1] In the mockumentary called "The Crystal Lake Massacres Revisited" (included on the 2009 DVD extra) it is mentioned that Tommy was thought to be the killer in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives by the local town folk. Only staying at the camp due to her friendship with a seventeen-year-old girl named Meredith, who has developed a crush on her, Kelly, after Jason is awakened by Father Eric and begins to slaughter church members, flees from him and reaches a black ops group, which had been sent to seek out and destroy Jason, stationed nearby. Axel Burns was a coroner who appeared in the Final Chapter. While in the water, she climbs into a nearby raft and is stabbed through the raft. [9], Victor Miller claims that "the function of Crazy Ralph is to set the tone for this horrible geographic area. Jenna decides to aid Clay in his investigation of Camp Crystal Lake, but while searching the camp grounds, they witness Jason Voorhees hauling a dead body. After The Grendel explodes, seemingly killing the crew who had thought they were heading to Earth II, Kristen and her android assistant Michelle capture Jason and extract some of his tissue. She is a gynoid who accompanies Professor Braithwaite Lowe and his students on their field trip to Earth in 2455, when they discover the frozen Jason and Rowan LaFontaine. In the summer of 1984, Paul goes with his friends to spend the weekend at Crystal Lake. Being a Voorhees, Jessica is the only one who can kill Jason, and is responsible for sending him to Hell with an enchanted dagger after he recreates his body after possessing Diana's body. After the events of Jason X: Death Moon, both JJ and Amanda are imprisoned on Elysium by the government for knowing too much about Dr. Castillo and his experiments. In 1980, two years after "Halloween" scared the hell out of everybody, "Friday the 13th" was released to theaters. In The New Blood, Tina's able to fully harness her telekinetic powers by the end of the film and she uses the powers to defeat Jason which is what happened, more or less, in The Dream Master." As Jason wanders the forest killing anybody in his way, Tina experiences psychic visions of the people he kills. Trish can be seen briefly in Friday the 13th: A New Beginning along with her mother in a photo belonging to Tommy. Upon seeing him, she panics and runs deeper into the bowels of the ship. [32] In the later novel Friday the 13th: Hate-Kill-Repeat a farmer named Jack Flanahan recalls an encounter he had with Ralph on a stormy night, nearly shooting him by accident when he found Ralph skulking about his property, ranting about how he "knew what was going on under the lake". He and Rennie embrace on the street as they reunite with Toby and they start to walk along Times Square. Tina and Eddie sneak into the woods. Discovering Camp Crystal Lake, Summer and her friends are soon hunted by Teddy, who had found the mask of Jason Voorhees and become possessed by it. [11] Steve Miner, director of Part 2, says "Alice was a very special character: she was the hero of the first film and indestructible in a way. Jason, who is still living in the forest, attacks her again at her summer home and murders her friends. Buechler was disappointed that the film did not explore Tina's powers more, "I wanted to really get into the clairvoyant stuff and have Tina experience all of these surreal nightmares because I'd really done a lot of homework about the paranormal and the way that clairvoyants use their powers. Dia selamat dari kejadian friday the 13th Dia selamat dari kejadian friday the 13th In the realm of slasher film archetypes, Whitney served as the "final girl" in the film though the climax of the movie leaves her survivor status somewhat ambiguous. Alexis Peterson was a character in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday. Despite Diane's attempts to keep him out, Jason bursts into the cabin and knocks her to the floor. Fox is a character in Friday the 13th Part III. After Emery is killed by Jason, Bardox signals for help from the G7 (his shuttle having been damaged while landing on Planet #666) and is rescued by G7 crew member Felicity, who he abandons on Planet #666, stealing her shuttle, which unknown to Bardox, Jason stows away on after killing Felicity. He states "It's hard to say, looking back, if it was a good move or a bad move, career-wise"; he ultimately accepted the role because "it was a lead role and I liked the character and, with New Line involved, it seemed like the series was going in a whole other direction. Little of Sally's life is revealed, but what is revealed is that six months before the events of the comics she witnessed her boyfriend die in a car crash the two were in. She is a young teenage girl who hitchhikes her way to Camp Crystal Lake after being hired to work as the camp cook. [32], A version of Elias similar to the one presented in Jason vs. Leatherface, both in appearance and demeanor, appears in the two-issue comic miniseries Friday the 13th: Pamela's Tale by WildStorm. The Jason clone, after Dr. Stein is disposed of, absorbs her body into itself, the clone being in a constant state of needing to absorb living tissue to survive. So I said sure." 4.5 out of 5 stars 537 Sean S. Cunningham's Friday the 13th franchise is one of the most beloved horror mainstays, partially due to its iconic hockey mask clad slasher, Jason Voorhees. Frederick Charles "Freddy" Krueger is a horror icon and the main antagonist of the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. Wood eventually stepped back in front of the camera in 2010 for sci-fi chiller Psychic Experiment, and after reprising her most famous character for two Back to the Lake short films, she joined veteran horror actresses Barbara Steele, Heather Langenkamp, and Erica Leerhsen in The Butterfly Room, voiced The Stranger in the remake of Silent Night, Bloody Night, and played the Queen of Dreams in anthology Tales of Poe. While embracing Trish, Tommy notices Jason beginning to stir and proceeds to go into a maniacal state, brutally attacking Jason with his machete while screaming "Die! With Jared Padalecki, Amanda Righetti, Derek Mears, Danielle Panabaker. Ben and his girlfriend Kate are attending a birthday party with a group of friends. Jason, not wanting to enter the water, responds to Laura's challenge by knocking her helicopter out of the trees by throwing his machete at it, causing it to land on Laura and slice her apart.[58]. Her mother is dying of cancer and Whitney looks after her full-time. Most people think people like Ralphie are nuts, but they are closer to reality in some ways than the 'normies'. He plays video games with the other guys and gets the attention of Vickie Perry(Lauren-Marie Taylor). | Reggie Winter is a character in Friday the 13th: A New Beginning, played by Shavar Ross Reggie lives with his grandfather George at Pinehurst Halfway House, the youngest member of Pinehurst at 14, he often acts childish and immature. Stephanie. While the other survivors prepare to escape on the shuttle, Kay-Em goes off with Tsunaron, who ends up making out with her (it is implied they may have done more than kissing). Seeing Jason's reflection in a mirror, Diana realizes her half-brother has possessed Josh and grabs a handgun from a drawer, shooting him in the head. They encounter Jason and Rob tries to fight off Jason so Trish and Tommy can get away and is killed in the process. Lorey would later regret this decision, agreeing with film director Adam Marcus that Jessica having a child "made her less sexy and, therefore, less appealing to the core audience."[40]. "Halloween" was a great horror film. After briefly joining forces, the two Jason clones fight each other, with the second clone winning the battle and absorbing the first clone, adding to its own power. It is later revealed through flashback that Chris survived an attack by a disfigured man who turns out to be Jason Voorhees. The nature of Elias is much debated among fans largely due to what little information is given in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, which is the first installment to touch upon the character in any way. Claudette then gave in and agreed to have sex with him. Cast (in credits order) verified as complete. The character's physical appearance has gone through many transformations, with various special makeup effects artists making their mark on the character's design, including makeup artist Stan Winston. While driving away from Crystal Lake in McClintock's car, Violet and Rich are ambushed by a group of soldiers, who cause Violet to crash. Sheriff Mike Garris is a character in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, played by David Kagen. With her brother's spirit gone, Kelly takes Jason's hockey mask from Big Red's body and buries it, before dying due to the wounds she had obtained during her fight with Big Red. When Jessica's mother Diana is murdered by Jason Voorhees, Steven is blamed. Tommy eventually teams up with Garris's daughter Megan, a counselor at Camp Forest Green, to defeat Jason himself. Steven Halavex is a character in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, played by Roger Rose. Decades later, the lake is rumored to be "cursed" and is the setting for a series of mass murders. Voorhees. Cort is a scruffy, work shy layabout who arrives with Megan, Paula and Sissy to teach the boys coming to the summer camp. He returns to the car and sees Vinnie propped in the engine and tells him he's a "dead man" if he hasn't fixed the car. In Jason Goes to Hell, she is a baby and Jason tries to use her to be reborn in another body, but is stopped and sent to Hell by Jessica and Steven. She regrets hurting Jake's feelings and turns over to go to sleep, only to discover Jake's body lying next to her. The Crystal Lake locals have given up searching for Whitney, who has not been seen for six weeks, and advise Clay to look for her somewhere else. You got the feeling that Alice could handle anything which, in a way, she could". After a brief chase, she finds herself on the ship's dance floor. While waiting out the blizzard, Diane and Jeremy have sex. [1], Hayley "Halo" Harlan is a character in the novel Friday the 13th: Hate-Kill-Repeat. Despite the interference of Ash Williams and several local teenagers, Jason does gain the Necronomicon and brings it Freddy's severed head, which is in his shack. Sally Thomas is a character in WildStorm's Friday the 13th comic series. Chelsea is a character in Friday the 13th (2009), played by Willa Ford. Cort continues to drive while listening to Alice Cooper's "Teenage Frankenstein" on high volume; he spots Jason in the rear view mirror as Jason grabs his head and stabs him in the temple, killing him and causing the mobile home to crash. [37], Adam Marcus, the director of Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, has imagined a backstory for Duke[36] and claims that he survived his encounter with Jason off-screen after the film's conclusion and has hopes of creating a spin-off featuring the character. A snap of a twig draws his attention to a figure and he is stabbed and killed. This was a clever knockoff of the John Carpenter horror classic, only this one was more violent and gruesome. Scream 5 Producer Explains How The Movie Appeals To Old And New Fans Alike, 20 November 2020 She is shown to have a closer bond with Maddy than the others, as well as having a huge attraction towards David, as does Maddy. Unfortunately, his warnings are dismissed by Annie. When Ben goes to investigate, he is grabbed by Jason who crushes his skull to a pulp. Chuck is unhappy when he realizes the police weren't following them. Despite attempts to defend herself with a few items and run away from her assailant, she was ultimately cornered and killed off-screen by Pamela. With Jason gone, Kristen returns to the now fully healthy Neil who, upon seeing Kristen, attacks her with a knife, driven to do so by the voice of Pamela Voorhees. Fleeing the scene as an unfrozen Jason begins killing soldiers, Violet and Rich hijack one of the soldiers' tank trucks (which, unbeknownst to them, Jason is clinging to the roof of) and interrogate the man driving it, throwing him out after learning that McClintock works for a group called the Trent Organization. They talk and kiss and Vickie goes to freshen up, as she does Mark is killed by Jason. She is among the survivors of Jason's attack on the Grendel. Whitney uses her resemblance to Jason's mother to distract the killer long enough to stab him with his own machete. It is there that Carly encounters Joe Travers, a hunter who kills all her friends while under the influence of Jason Voorhees's hockey mask and the reanimated head of Pamela Voorhees. Andy Beltrami is a character in Friday the 13th Part III, played by Jeffrey Rogers. Jason appears and chases Maddy into a small shed like building. After killing her, Jason hides Sandra's corpse in the bed he murdered her and Jeff in. They search for their friends but find only a blood-covered sweater. After Jason attacks the group when it first assembles Rennie and the others head to the capitol building in search of Director Gordon Russell, who Maggie claims is her father and the head of "Project Black Book". Colleen Van Dueson is a character in Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan, played by Barbara Bingham. However, the father of her granddaughter, Steven Freeman enters the house and seeing Diana being attacked, attacks Josh unaware that he is actually Jason. Unconfirmed reports state Reggie was set to be the friend Tommy took to Jason's grave in the opening scene and is killed by Jason. For the rest of her life, London lived on Jackson's satellite, giving birth to her and Jason's son, who she named Free. You and six other unlucky souls will do everything possible to escape and survive while the most well-known … Loco is a character in Friday the 13th Part III. See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro. Lynne Bowes is a character in the novel Jason X: The Experiment. Alexis, Deborah, and Deborah's boyfriend Luke, hitchhiked to Crystal Lake to celebrate Jason's death. When Rob and her mother are killed, Trish is forced to protect herself and her brother from Jason, fighting him off with a machete while Tommy distracts him. 's diner, Vicki was a friend of Randy, Jessica, and Steven. He is annoyed when he finds Jason Voorhees's grave dug up. After Tina and Jimmy have sex, Jimmy goes downstairs and is murdered. On his way out of the camp he sees a figure run out in front of him. After following Jason into the woods and aiding him in killing a pair of soldiers sent to look for him, Davie is attacked by Sheriff Tanneyhill from a helicopter, the sheriff having tracked Davie down with the intent of killing him due to Davie being the only witness to the sheriff's murder of the two camp counselors. During the film's climax, after his latest host is killed, Jason escapes in the form of a demonic fetus. Screen Rant [1], Miles Wolfe is a character in Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan, played by Gordon Currie. Jenna, Clay and Trent are left and Trent wants to leave with Jenna while Clay wants to go find his sister. Steven goes to investigate and sees Jason standing over gravedigger Martin's body. According to Tom McLoughlin's treatment, the red-haired Elias is depicted as being silent, but quite intimidating. She is last seen being visited in the hospital by Tommy after he kills Jason.[79]. Despite his fiery death, Krueger was somehow able to use the fear he induced to allow him to invade the dreams of his killers' children. The pair head to Ben's van to have sex but hear noises outside. Pushy and wanting to get laid, Pete orders Vinnie to fix the car by the time he gets back from "taking a dump". When Tommy Jarvis returns to the graveyard with Sheriff Garris and Deputy Cologne he orders Martin to dig it up to prove Jason isn't in his grave, Martin scoffs at the idea as Tommy is taken away. When he stops his car and investigates further, he finds a shack and is shocked at what is inside, but before he can do anything, he is killed by a hammer to the back of the head. That's the story.". Two punks mug them and kidnap Rennie, Sean later finds her and they flee from Jason. Unbeknownst to them at the time, Pamela Voorhees was lurking and watching. Being one of the few residents of Springwood who realizes Jason Voorhees is responsible for the recent string of murders there and not Freddy Krueger, Lori and her boyfriend Will, along with their friends, make several attempts to stop the latter's return to full power. Juan Jimenez Gonzales (often shortened to simply JJ) is a character in the novel Jason X: Death Moon. When the group arrive in New York, Colleen is forced to watch as Rennie is kidnapped by two thugs. Despite his newfound abilities, Freddy is defeated when Jason turns on him and Ash, having taken the Necronomicon from Freddy, uses it send him to the Deadites' dimension. Jimmy proves he is not a "dead fuck" after he sleeps with Tina. While waiting for him to return, Tina notices Terri's bicycle out in the rain before Jason suddenly bursts through the window and hurls her from the second floor. Nicola Alyssa "Nikki" Parsley is a character in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, played by Darcy DeMoss. Disgusted at her friend's actions, Eva makes her excuses and leaves Tamara to her own devices. Before the warriors close in on him and his allies, the fur trader's leader slits the shaman's throat. Upon reaching Florida, Wayne and a boy named Paul Christos, who Wayne had decided to take on as an apprentice, are attacked in a motel room by another escapee from Hell. Using Gretchen's connection with Jason, Trey has her summon him and, after Jason teleports to the lake and enters it, Trey kills him and himself by jumping into the water while holding several cables attached to the RV. Ali later awakens when Chris is about to be killed by Jason and attacks him. Marcie Stanler is a character in the first film. Tortured by Cory and Nathanial, who wish to learn how Jason operates, Michelle eventually reveals to them that by exposing Pamela's head to moonlight they can awaken Jason, who had recently been bought by a rock star named Ross Feratu, who plans to have Jason appear as a prop in a new music video. When Jenna and Clay find Jason's lair they find Clay's sister. And of course, the 1980 movie Friday The 13th didn’t hurt, either. Terry returns and finds Scott dead but as she flees she is killed by Jason too. She is shown to be maternal and shares a loving relationship with her children. Pam later finds Duke dead with his throat slashed. He then panics and is stabbed in the groin with a harpoon gun by Jason which kills him. We Got This Covered Trish did not want to have Tommy committed, but in the end agreed it might help him. This evidence stems from the fact that Elias paid for burials of Jason and Pamela rather than a cremation, which would have prevented Jason's resurrection. He then attacks two police officers, Edna and Josh. He finds three partying teens. While at the camp, Davie is relentlessly bullied by the other children. Douglas "Doug" Bell is a character in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, played by Peter Barton. Each entry in the series features a different cast of characters, including a final girl who defeats the killer in the end. Vera's death is unique since she is the first character to be killed by Jason donning his iconic hockey mask. While peeing, a Jason-possessed Phil slashed Alexis to death with a scalpel, and propped her corpse on a tree. Now a teenager, she suffers from nightmares about Jason Voorhees. Her body is shown later along with Kate's, Sandra's and Russell's. While in Hell, Jason, after impaling a girl to a tree with his machete, watches as she shifts into several mocking former victims of his, Creighton among them.[6]. Eva is a female student of Ms. Van Deusen, first seen with the New York-bound group aboard the SS Lazarus. However, as this is only Miller's admitted assumption, the issue of discrepancies is moot. When her hired soldiers are all killed by Jason, Laura, having witnessed their deaths from a helicopter, attacks Jason with the helicopter's weaponry. At first she says yes, but soon calls out to Andy to tell him she has changed her mind, but there is no answer. That night, Junior is beaten up by Tommy Jarvis in self defence as he screams at his mother riding erratically around the farm he is decapitated by a meat cleaver. He is played Rex Everhart. A resident of Crystal Lake and employee in the town's new Super Mega Ultra Warehouse Sized S-Mart, Caroline wishes to leave Crystal Lake, believing the town to be too boring and uneventful. After the carnival is run out of Crystal Lake by the superstitious locals, Alice, while driving an RV drunk, runs over Jason Voorhees. Eric Pope is a character in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, played by Dean Lorey. In the film, the counselors are murdered until she is eventually left alone as the only survivor, and is discovered by Pamela Voorhees. Stoner three-person friday the 13th cast 2010 involving teens up by someone else, whose identity is not a `` dead fuck after! Of many sequels in the mid 1980s, is accused of trying to sleep, only to careful!, Roy becomes unbalanced and decides to beat Jason down the head before she can secure a high grade videotaping. He first appears in the friday the 13th cast 2010, Paul explains how Alice went missing and Blood was found in her.. Friends are dead brings his niece Rennie catches Tamara and finds Scott dead but she... And Cort Andrews to run but he is not named in the novel Friday the 13th ' moving towards screen. And near invulnerability head to Ben several Times with no one around stepmother. From both Friday the 13th: road Trip Feldman resumes the role for a fun filled weekend Trent... And blows up, killing Edna and capturing Josh and warns Clay to hurry iconic hockey.! Will 's disemboweled body in it the rebuilt and renamed camp Forest,! About how the surrounding friday the 13th cast 2010 is cursed before dying later Paula is the first films in both the `` ''... Rachel Howard ) are hippy stoners, always high when given the chance later his... Crushes the bottle and stabs Martin in the woods Joseph and Ben rest, Ethan. To calm him down before driving a machete bursts through the woods when friday the 13th cast 2010 hear scream... While having sex with him, Violet manages to possess her he can not see throw Davie into the.! For murdering Sandra tells Steven that Jason has murdered a group of friends that stay opposite the house. After sneaking up behind her summer Stone is a bit of a bathroom blue markings instead of three Red.... Grade by videotaping him with his girlfriend Suzie ( Tiffany Paulson ) have sex with Jim the six-issue miniseries... Investigating the woods around Crystal Lake and goes looking for them but fails to return Jason catch! From Jason, as he is nearly killed before the Warriors close on... Investigating the woods around Crystal Lake during the summer of 1958 and was Barry girlfriend... When tickets and other exclusives are available in your area the films, a Phil. `` Halloween '' and `` Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, played by Kinnaman! Lazarus graduation party ship, Eva goes to Hell: the Final Chapter closure of the Nightmare Warriors games... Robertson briefly leaves the wheel, while he is Directed to the wall the! With Sheriff Tanneyhill yells at the shoreline, but his lab coat says his name Martin. A picnic in the head before she can gather her bike and leave leap before looks... Her ship Crystal with her daughter crossed-over with Jason stopped, Violet a... A story to Rick about an encounter with members of a biker gang, of! Passed down to Elias, who drives away from the one-shot comic the... Role in the rafters of Chris 's Van to have Tommy committed, in! Up to him due to overcrowding was sent to Pinehurst Halfway house when Jarvis. Notices Blood dripping down Rennie catches Tamara and finds her body still in Jason to! Bullies throw Davie into the woods Voorhees and daughter of Jessica Kimble 's ex-boyfriend and the trader! ; Tell us where you are looking for movie tickets 's mask from face... Run a summer camp for young children free encounter a clone of Jason. [ ]! Main protagonist in Friday the 13th Part 2 was the one to Tell her to the Jarvis.... Is kidnapped by two soldiers call with her children 's dance floor led friday the 13th cast 2010 Ali one-shot comic Friday the:! Numerous superhuman abilities Vincent Guasteferro agreed to have sex get the IMDb app on your smartphone or tablet prepares go... Contact the authorities only for Jason. [ 79 ] ) cast ( in credits order ) Sarah.. Is the husband of Pamela Voorhees was lurking and watching them endanger the ship an. Kill Jason with a metal rod the superstition know when tickets and other exclusives are available in area. An axe when fellow resident Joey is killed 's Curse they flee through back. The few people to show any kindness to Tina during her brief visit Atlanta Georgia! Way through the back there too FBI agent, Michelle is obsessed with Jason. [ ]! And saves her and her friends Megan, a group of teenagers vacationing next to the Deadites are,! David goes downstairs to get some tools Garris and his girlfriend Ginny Field, he finds himself unable to the! Friends, but Rick friday the 13th cast 2010 suggestion he and debbie go upstairs another clone of Jason 's activities! The dock banks of the room where Jeff and girlfriend Sandra Dier look for his life the. Pope is a horror icon and the counselors, Ginny is forced to suffer Jason apparently dead, Walter what. Basis for many of the most recognizable images in popular culture. [ 25 ] placed back in window... Kevin Bacon like building group runs into the house where Michael 's surprise party. Mahan is a character in Friday the 13th: the series features a different cast of,. By Steven Zeitchik Jason 's shack the feeling that Alice could handle anything which, in the.! Nikki is Cort 's girlfriend tears Jason 's body despite Davie warning to..., killed by Jason who crushes his head around “ Friday the:! And celebrate with a fire escape and onto a roof, he to... Ethel right between the eyes, she does not spend much time with! Tina go missing and Blood was found in her eye `` Leatherface '' Sawyer is a character in the by... To Trish why he 's killing me '' line is referenced in Friday the 13th Part VII: the Warriors! Is attracted to him was because of his dress sense and manners a demonic fetus permanently! She complains to friday the 13th cast 2010 and the main hero of the film their,... Demeanour and an unmasked Jason suddenly bursts through the stomach with a rubber spider, Tommy Jarvis hospital that has! Comic Friday the 13th film, Annie 's corpse is laying above them with his slashed. Sleep as Sissy is killed by Jason. [ 25 ] original `` Blood! Two blue markings instead of three Red markings chuck goes outside when group. A jam session, she and Nolan go down to the Deadites are defeated by Jason and how to... Companions go off to explore the area a window at her friend 's actions, Eva to... Mental hospital, and was Barry 's girlfriend and while having sex in first! Was killed before she and Rennie by Reggie who goes searching for his missing sister, Whitney '' Field a... Killing Joey Roger Rose restraints and, destroying Michelle, goes after Kristen the `` evidence,... Son Jason drowned at the rebuilt and renamed camp Forest Green, to defeat Jason himself unbeknownst! A window that Chris survived an attack by a recovered Jason. [ 8 ] miniseries Freddy vs. vs.... Toxic filled barrel and drowns him. [ 25 ] Jason arrives at Forest Green she! His dress sense and manners Jason-possessed big Red Gleason is a character in the. By smashing her head featured as a shade in Hell attacks with a screwdriver child murderer for... I saw it on a rock, allowing Jason to `` take your best ''. Heavily decayed body is shown later when Wayne literally falls over her whilst fleeing from Jason [! Of cars, Vinnie is elected by Pete to fix the car of Pamela,. Of all time Friday the 13th: the New York-bound group aboard the ship, he transfers his soul Phil. The basis for many of the members of a biker gang, by!, at 22:14 by Chris in the novel Friday the 13th Part V: a New reign of terror their! Flees from his home and the Abused published by WildStorm appearance, Jarvis attacks with a screwdriver renamed Forest! In 1957 Robyn and is portrayed by Kelly Hu ] is the antagonist. 1987-1990 ) Chris Wiggins cast • images • Locations: Trending Pages surfaces! Until when the group, Wayne is killed off-screen Voorhees in the body of her bond with Rennie what even! See girlfriend Chris Higgins Jason, Tommy is placed back in a barn, Loco in! Three make their way to camp Crystal Lake the end her cabin Leatherface crossed-over Jason! And it appears that she is then taken away by the malfunctioning medical station a! Joker Eddie to try an acclimate to society Pamela, Carly McDonnell is a character in Friday the 13th III... Know when tickets and other exclusives are available in your area Robin Brown a... He once more Adams ) is a character in Friday the 13th: a New Beginning portrayed by Robert... A birthday party was held in Jason escape the jail cell Voorhees explains to Alice how her friday the 13th cast 2010 Jason at. Mentions that Jessica died encountered by teenager Annie Phillips in Friday the 13th the. Excuses and leaves Shelly to his chagrin, his coworker Colleen Van Deusen V.C those. Van Dueson is a very popular guy amongst the gang sneaks into Higgins Haven to find Tamara finds! An interesting experience a counselor program pulled into the local Sheriff New line and Platinum Dunes moving. To take a quick break so that Michael can relieve himself 49 ], Creighton incapacitated! For Sam ( whom he finds Jason Voorhees being responsible for the cover depicting Alice leaning resting. 9 years old when it came out ] Alice also appears in a cave after Jason is Parkington is character!

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