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yamaha dxr8 vs dbr10

It soon becomes apparent after switching on that it’s actually pretty loud for such a small unit! However, Yamaha DXR8’s RMS power rating is only 700 Watts, and the peak power rating is just 1100 Watts. Other than that, I couldn't really hear any other tonal differences. Posted: 22 February 2016 at 8:26pm: I'm looking to purchase a pair of powered monitors. I am thrilled with the Helix and the DXR12s. There are no EQ controls on the speaker. The power amps are where the bulk of the cost is in the speakers. It seemed that Yamaha was specifically attacking the K12 in classic one upmanship:...QSC vs Yamaha.. 1000 peak watts vs 1100 peak watts Feel free to email him or PM him with questions. Other than that, I couldnt really hear any other tonal differences. I've been eyeballing the DXR 10, but, I think I'm going to stick with the 12. Thanks for helping me spend my money guys! All rights reserved. There were no obvious feedback issues when compared with other speakers I’ve used in the same venue, though in common with many plastic cabinet speakers I’ve tried, the sound you hear when standing behind them is pretty woolly and tubby, as plastic enclosures typically aren’t as good as wooden ones when it comes to minimising resonances. Ordered another DXR12 and a Helix backpack today. They're GREAT speakers!!! Paste as plain text instead, × Probably the quickest way to check it would be to simply use an empty preset (no blocks) and play through the DBR and see if the problem goes away. I don't have much space in here. The reason I went with the DXR12 was due to the fact that I often play a Gretsch hollow body and very often finger pick it in a Chet Atkins or James Taylor style and the 12" speaker configuration gives a little more body to the sound. The contents of this article are subject to worldwide copyright protection and reproduction in whole or part, whether mechanical or electronic, is expressly forbidden without the prior written consent of the Publishers. I am looking at these 2 for use with my helix if I do in fact get one. Haven't tried or heard the JBL's but I tried out the Yamaha's last year when auditioning speakers for my keys monitor setup. Yamaha hit a home run with these. How do you set up the DXR in that situation? Great care has been taken to ensure accuracy in the preparation of this article but neither Sound On Sound Limited nor the publishers can be held responsible for its contents. This means that the volume levels are not as loud as QSC K8. Just because you have 1000w+ versions doesn't mean yer pumping 1000 watts out. I'm not sure it would be safe from damage sitting on my amp stand, not without wrapping some kind of padding around the stand's frame to prevent damaging the DXR's connectors or switches. Yamaha DXR8 - monitor speaker Specs & Prices. Post a comment. If you are not playing medium sized venues and up, then you don't really need the bi-amped 1000W+ versions. Yep, got my first two DXRs last year with the rebate. That way I'll have a backup for the PA. And, anything other than a 12 for guitar just don't seem right. × That would be $100 rebate on a DXR12. Capable of delivering a maximum SPL of 129dB from its compact enclosure, the DBR10 can be used as a utility speaker in a variety of environments. Yamaha DXR10 Shop now at Amazon. I wasn't impressed with the DBR10 compared to the EV ZXA1-90's I currently am using. I keep the DXR volume knob set at the 12 o'clock position and typically have my Master Volume on the Helix set to about the 11:30 position. I'm all in. Sam I think that was me. I'm picking up a helix soon,and have been doing my fair share of research. If you need more lows you can always add a sub. For those who have experience with these two PA speakers, which would you say is better and why? With more dough, you’re basically looking at QSC vs Yamaha. PreSonus StudioLive 32SC Series III Mixing Console. I keep it set up as a monitor, but positioned behind me as I would a traditional amplifier. There's more than enough headroom on the DXR to handle any stage I've played on at the 12 o"clock position without invoking the limiter on the DXR. A ‘thru’ connection is provided, with a switch to select whether both channels pass through, or to pass on the signal from channel one only.   Pasted as rich text. The good thing about that configuration is that the DXR projects MUCH better than a traditional amplifier does so it will be more consistent across the entire audience as would any PA speaker. Speculation-There's probably a reason for that other than the bass response. The DBR10 has a built–in mixer section, capable of accommodating one mic/line signal, one line–level signal and a stereo unbalanced line input on RCA phono.Using a pair as a small PA, handling mainly vocals and acoustic guitar, the DBR10s projected a clean and loud sound towards the audience, and though plastic cabinets invariable add some coloration of their own, everyone felt the vocal sound out front was both musical and plentiful. Another increasingly common feature that is also present here is the inclusion of basic mixing facilities, enabling the speakers to be used in stand–alone mode for simple jobs. I've come across a bunch of DXR/Helix users, but I can't say I've come across any DBR/Helix users. They come in different sizes, with woofers from eight (in the DXR) or 10 (in the DBR) to 15 inches, plus 12- and 15-inch subs in the DXR range. DXR and DXS Series Powered Speakers and Subwoofers. Delivering an accurate, controlled performance, the Yamaha DBR10 10" active speaker can withstand a whopping 129dB SPL. For those sitiations where size matters and you need the power the 8 inch DXR8 is perfect. Both channels have individual level controls, and channel one has a slide switch to select between mic and line sensitivity. Sweetwater is also running a special on the JBL Eons. All I can say is WOW! No items to compare. Clear editor. The most portable powered loudspeakers Yamaha has to offer, the versatile DBR Series harnesses the same state-of-the-art Yamaha DSP and amplifier and speaker technologies developed for the professional DSR Series and DXR Series lineups, ensuring high-resolution sound at any output level. Sounds fantastic to me. Thanks, that sounds like the way I want to go. In that configuration I try to target all of my patches to average about 95 to 98 db which is about right for our band's stage mix which consists of two guitars, a bass, drums, harmonica and typically three part harmony vocals. I liked the DBRs as I like all the current range of Yamahas for the money, but the DBRs do sound less bright and certainly lack the clarity of the DXRs. At first glance the Yamaha DBR10 appears to be just another two–way, 10–inch ‘plastic’ speaker, but when you dig deeper you’ll discover that it incorporates 700W of Class–D amplification (325W ‘continuous’ power), and can deliver a hefty maximum SPL of 129dB. If you need to plug a mic directly into the speaker, it needs to be of the type that doesn’t require phantom power, and the sensitivity may also be a little lower than you’d be used to with a mixer, but it will get you by for announcements or musical applications where effects are not required. I really didn't consider the DBR simply because it tends to be marketed more toward front of house applications and particularly toward DJ applications. There was good clarity, no obvious feedback issues and a nice warmth to the sound. I find that feels more natural to both me and the rest of the band and makes it easier for all of us to blend together. Web site designed & maintained by PB Associates & SOS. 12.01 in. I took one of my DXR12s, from my PA, and set it up behind me in the regular guitar amp location, on the floor, as a wedge. As I recollect, Marco uses the DBR10. I just proved all the advices to how connect and configure sensivity, volumen, etc, even I proved using a mixer in between to control the Yamaha DBR10 input, and I can say that these are not 700w nor 350w... the HX Stomp connected to the power amp of my Fender hot rod deluxe sounds way louder than the yamaha dbr10. Thanks. Also elevating the speaker to ear level could cause it to be far too bright or edgy in a room that size. The QSC K8.2 takes on the Yamaha DXR8 (and DXR8 MKII...which is almost an identical speaker) in this small speaker comparison. Compared to QSC K8, the bass indeed feels slightly fuller and deeper. The horn coverage angle is specified as 90 degrees horizontal by 60 degrees vertical. $0.00. If you’re looking for a compact PA speaker that punches above its weight in terms of volume and quality, this could well be it. Love, love, love it. Because of the acoustics in that room which are very "live", I bring my Helix Master Volume down to around the 10:30 position which is more than enough to fill the room. You may also want to check out Marco Fanton's many YouTube Helix videos. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Wattage is a marketing term and means very little nowadays. The DXR is the only amp I own at this point. For those who have experience with these two … We tend to be pretty disciplined in that regard as we've been together as a band for 9 years or so. This item Yamaha DBR10 700-Watt Powered Speaker JBL Professional EON610 Portable 2-Way Multipurpose Self-Powered Sound Reinforcement, 10-Inch Mackie THUMP Series, 12-Inch 1300-Watt Loudspeaker with High Performance Amplifiers Built-in Mixers and Power Factor Correction - … I heard a Yamaha DXR8 yesterday and although I did not check what tone control settings had been used (at the back) they sounded really great - one of my most crucial tests is how a speaker sounds reproducing digital or recorded piano. Yamaha use their own custom bass driver, comprising a two–inch voice coil and a 10–inch cone. DBRs are​ quite a bit cheaper than DXRs, and 700 vs 1100 Watts. Update to 3.01 ASAP. 11.02 in. On larger stages and venues I have never had to go up more than the 12 o'clock position on the Helix. Line 6, Inc. I put down a deposit on the DXR8. I've tried both, and the DBR10 sounds as though it has more bass. DXR10 speakers pdf manual download. Share on. QSC K8 Yamaha DXR8; DBR10 10" 2-way Powered Loudspeaker The DBR10 is the most compact model in its series and in its class. In my case I use it as a floor monitor on stage so I have the switches set to monitor and set the low cut to 125hz which seems to best match the sound I'm getting from the FOH system which is typically a QSC KLA12 line array. I purchased a Yamaha DBR10, it supposed to have 700w but using it with my HX Stomp, with the master volume at full, I can only set the DBR10 at - 3 or so and the Limit protection starts. Win! The views expressed are those of the contributors and not necessarily those of the publishers. In common with many modern PA speakers, the cabinets, which include M8 rigging points, are formed with an angled rear corner (50 degrees in this case) to allow the speaker to double as a floor monitor. Mostly likely you have the volume output on your patches set too high and/.or the volume output on the stomp set too high. Yamaha DXR10 Shop now at Amazon. I did not listen to the 8" version of either. It would stand to reason that the 10" will deliver more bottom end, particularly if it is positioned horizontally or stood vertically to acoustically couple with the floor rather than elevated on a pole or on an amp stand. I already have two DXRs for my PA, so, getting another one for my guitar seems like a no brainer. View and Download Yamaha DXR10 owner's manual online. 12.01 in. Yeah...I'm turning into a DXR fanatic. If that doesn't suit your needs postionally, or you do not care for how full or bassy it may sound, the next steps would be to stand it on it's base, or slightly elevate it on an amp stand (if you might already have one) or temporarily put on a chair or stool to get an idea of how it will sound elevated slightly off the floor. We took a lot of time getting the monitor balance exactly as they wanted it, and in this role the DBR10s worked extremely well, and aimed upwards at just the correct angle. Mastering Essentials Part 5 - Compression & Limiting, Mastering Essentials Part 4 - Mastering EQ: Balance, Don’t Match, Toontrack 24 Hour Deal - 74% off EZkeys Cinematic Grand. This year, 2016, I'm celebrating my 50th year of performing, and over the years I have used countless combinations of speakers and mixers. The new DBR series makes the technology from Yamaha’s established DXR speakers available at an even more wallet–friendly price. Im trying to decide which one to go for - the Yamaha DBR10 or DXR8. I use the DXR12 myself. Yamaha DXR10 vs Yamaha HS8. A DSP is used to handle the crossover (an FIR filter) and speaker management functions, and the crossover frequency is 2.1kHz.   Your previous content has been restored. Apply to Join our Public Beta Testing Program! 19.76 in. It’s virtually a KSC in Yamaha packaging. I would also like some advice as to level settings on both the Helix and the PA speaker to get the best out of them. The DBR10 is the most compact model in its series and in its class. Total Price Tax Shipping Store In Stock $549.99. The DBR10 sound nearly identical to the DXR10. Review - Yamaha DXR10 by Jim Alfredson The powered speaker market is crammed with offerings from numerous companies.   Your link has been automatically embedded. If you need something larger than this one, then there are 12–inch and 15–inch models in the range. The mids and highs are decent. × Print Email. Capable of delivering a maximum SPL of 129dB from its compact enclosure, the DBR10 can be used as a utility speaker in a variety of environments. Anyway, since my intention is to carry my tone from my home studio to the stage as seamlessly as possible I now realize the 4x12 has to go in favor of an frfr, Looks like one of these yamaha's is in my future as well, thinking dxr12. DSL40 and JVM and cabs are on the block. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. Yamaha tell us that the DBR series of speakers, of which the DBR10 is the smallest, benefits from the transducer, amplifier and DSP technologies developed for Yamaha’s more upmarket DSR and DXR ranges. My HX Stomp out is set to line output and connected jack to input 1 jack in line mode,but the same occurs with the 2nd input. Am I mistaken? 18.03 in. If you got the dough, then f#%k it, 3 more inches baby for the DXR15. In this case it is a two–channel mixer, where both channels are fitted with a ‘combi’ XLR/jack socket. Quote Reply Topic: Yamaha DXR12 vs DBR12 - which would you choose? As monitors, I used them for a PA job I had doing the sound for Red Molly. You do realize wattage has very little to do with volume, right? In that case I might mount the DXR on a reguar speaker pole (but still behind me) to take advantage of the fact that the DXR projects wider horizontally than it does vertically, but I haven't run into that situation yet. It's there for the punch/headroom. The DBR10 has a built–in mixer section, capable of accommodating one mic/line signal, one line–level signal and a stereo unbalanced line input on RCA phono. A Tripod legged Pole stand works fine, but their leg spread takes alot of floor space, and in a room your size, it may be overkill. Available colors: User rating They deliver clean vocals with a degree of warmth, and also handle acoustic guitar and keyboard sounds pretty well, as long as you don’t ask them to handle too much low end. The generally accepted process for gain staging your presets is to have the same volume level of output whether a block is turned off or turned on. But is it worth paying the extra for the DXR12? But a lot of my configuration is dependent on how your band manages the stage and live mix. I use 2 dxr10s and one sub for a full pa rig, or with an ensemble, I run one on the floor for myself, and if needed, the other aimed across the stage for the rest of the band. The DBR and DXR range of powered speakers replace Yamaha’s ageing MSR400 boxes and allow it to compete in the current, hotly-contested, prosumer market. The new DBR series makes the technology from Yamaha’s established DXR speakers available at an even more wallet–friendly price. Well First off the DXR series not only has a 10,12,and 15 inch woofer version but also an 8" version as well. Nice. Volume is measured as SPL in the specifications of each device and is the industry standard for volume output and is the spec you should be comparing. Yamaha has rebates going on until the end of September. 15.35 in. I remember posting something recently about auditioning them both. The main body of the cabinet is moulded and includes a sensibly placed top handle, as well as the expected 35mm pole mount in the base. Yamaha Powered DXR Speakers. The DBR10 is rated at 129db whereas, by comparison, the DXR10 is rated at 132db. Attention Helix/HX Owners! Overall the Yamaha DBR and DXR sound very good. Yamaha DXR10 vs Yamaha DXR8. What is a "hybrid" audio interface anyway? Unfortunately, because name brand is such a big deal I think people will be blinded by the QSC logo on the K series, just like with Pioneer CDJ's. DBRs are​ quite a bit cheaper than DXRs, and 700 vs 1100 Watts. Add at least two items to compare. When you are not running the instruments through the PA, are you still using the DXR as you amp/speaker? Upload or insert images from URL. 19.76 in. Yamaha DXR8 Shop now at Amazon. The 10" versions are $349, usually $399. I can't have enough power to play with my power trio band. They are an outstanding New York–based, all–female three–piece outfit doing close harmony vocals and accompanying themselves on slide resonator guitar, bass and acoustic guitar. It sounds better than any of my guitar amps/cabs and fills the room better than any of my guitar amps/cabs. 9.84 in. And, now again I'm considering expanding my DXR Family. The key attractions of these little speakers are that they are compact, very loud and extremely light. Heck, you could even use it's shipping carton to get a rough idea. The DXR8 packs a 1100W of pure power and delivers an extremely high output while maintaining outstanding resolution. I've had two of them for my Helix (one at home, one at rehearsal and for live performance) and I just replaced our stage entire monitor system with 3 DXR's. It’s always better to have this facility than not as it could get you out of trouble if somebody pours beer into your mixing desk halfway through a gig! Depending on how you have your room arranged and configured you may find it easiest to start with the DXR on the floor as a Wedge. I went with the DXR8 because I listened to one connected to a Helix in the store. lol, Looks like one of these yamaha's is in my future as well, thinking dxr12. It also helps when I'm using the Les Paul in a more overdriven style to make it sound a bit bigger on power chords. Absolutely.   You cannot paste images directly. Yamaha HS8 Shop now at Amazon. Ive tried both, and the DBR10 sounds as though it has more bass. I use the DXR in exactly the same configuration whether I'm going through a PA or not. This sits beneath a one–inch, horn–loaded compression driver, and both the tweeter and the woofer are protected by a perforated steel grille. I don't think these match K Series, I think they beat them hands down, especially for the price I paid $900 for the B-Stock. And there's a Yamaha Rebate program ongoing through the end of September! There’s also an RCA phono socket for connecting portable music players and the like. Back to Product List. Display as a link instead, × I've heard the DBR12 and really quite like them. I had the opportunity to try these speakers both as floor monitors and as the main PA for a pub gig. Measuring 308 x 493 x 289 mm it is also a comfortable carry, and light too, at 10.5kg. All contents copyright © SOS Publications Group and/or its licensors, 1985-2020. lol. It was the late 90s and I was freelancing for a sound reinforcement company that had some of the original JBL Eons. No problem if you have monitoring of course, but if you’re trying to get by without monitors, then what you’ll hear from a performer’s perspective isn’t very helpful. The Power of "D" Yamaha's development team took full advantage of a number of advanced digital technologies, both new and refined, based on Yamaha's extensive experience accumulated over many long years of developing professional audio equipment. You should be able to pretty much adjust your Helix volume as well as the gain on the DBR10 without engaging the limit protection and have plenty of headroom and volume. INTRO I remember the first time I used powered speaker. The DXR mkII Series powered loudspeakers are the newly upgraded models of the series that add even more SPL and feature a larger 1.75” Neodymium HF compression driver for extremely clear voice reproduction and musicality with less weight. You may login with either your assigned username or your e-mail address. These days, I play mostly small to medium size venues (50-150 people), and after doing some research, I purchased one of the Yamaha DXR10 speakers to use with my Yamaha MG10XU mixer. In terms of placement, is the DXR8 best used like a wedge or sat on one of those PA Speaker stands? Available colors: User rating If you plan to be using either as a personal Monitor they should work well so long as they are not too near field. 129db is more than enough to cause permanent ear damage over time, so I still suspect you're somehow kicking in the limiter if it's not hurting your ears at full volume. QSC K8 Vs Yamaha DXR8. I will of course try it as a wedge. I chose a pair of the DXR10 for their more versatile Inputs and Wedge position capability, (and compact size and lighter weight than the often suggested DXR12). I'm trying to decide which one to go for - the Yamaha DBR10 or DXR8. Thanks for helping me spend my money guys! Sort: Clear All. First Look: Pro Tools | Carbon. I often play with another band in a venue in which we don't put the instruments through the PA (other than the electronic drum kit). I thought a PA speaker would be just the same as a power amp and speakers. $549.99. Yamaha DXR8 - monitor speaker | DXR8. So, in all, the DBR10 is a pretty flexible little speaker, whether it’s delivering plenty of level to get your vocals across in a typical pub venue, or it’s being used as a very capable floor monitor. Yamaha DXR8. The main design differences between the DXR and DBR is the DBR has a speaker design that provides a more prominent bass and it also has the capability to mix two input signals. For PA, depending on the size of the room you wish to fill with sound, this will affect what size works best for your needs. The DBR10 has a frequency response of 55Hz to 20kHz. Powered by Invision Community, Warning about downloaded tones, patches and presets, MacOS 11 Compatibility with Line 6 Software. Also for: Dxr12, Dxr15, Dxr8, Dxs12, Dxs15. Between DXR12 vs K12, the Yamaha wins. Channel one can accept either mic or line–level inputs, while channel two is line–level only, and can accept either balanced or unbalanced line signals. Prices. Thanks in advance. ...trying to be patient hoping there is a special when native is released. The only consideration I might have is if I were playing a venue that was too small to have the instruments going through the PA, but the room was much wider than it was deep. Me too! How does Yamaha's latest offering in the field stack up? You can post now and register later. In such a small room, i'm not going to output 1000w. The functional speaker covers that protect your speakers from unfavorable weather conditions during outdoor performances, dusty and dirty warehouse storage, or … I only play in a small room, about 3.5 by 4.5m. The most obvious competition comes from the likes of Mackie, JBL and Alto. The Yamahas sounded like they had a blanket over the … You can also find his posts on the TGP Helix Thread.

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